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FS Toolbox is a NAND browser that can dump files from the nand to sd card and write files from sd card to the nand, with this you can edit files on the nand to test stuff out and to have backups of your files if something ever goes wrong.

You can set the pointer onto a TMD file in the selected title id and then press 2, you will be able to select the IOS version the channel uses and fakesign it after that.

NEW FUNCTION : Dump the full nand fs to your SD! Just press 1 and it will start


Wiimote.svg Action
Wiimote D-Pad Down Go down
Wiimote D-Pad Up Go up
Wiimote - Button Dump file
Wiimote + Button Write file to NAND
Wiimote 1 Button Dump nand fs
Wiimote 2 Button Patch selected tmd


Only use FS Toolbox to browse the nand and to extract files. Even when only doing this, there's still a risk to corrupt files. Using this program to add/change files is not recommend at the moment, because it does not set the file attributes correclty. When dumping one file and directly rewriting it, the content may be the same, but the attributes are different(owner and group id). Using FS Toolbox without proper brick protection(BootMii as boot2 + nand backup) is suicide.

The creators of this application take no responsibility for the damage that you may cause to your console when using this.


Written by nicksasa & WiiPower

Bugs & Suggestions

If you have any issues with this program, or wish to contribute in any way, send the author an email at nicksasa@gmail.com.

Update History

0.3 - June 18, 2009

  • Code cleanup
  • Update function
  • Recursive folder dump function(full dump when executed from root)
  • Changed the console code

0.2 - May 30, 2009

  • Fixed code dump on dumping + 10 MB tested 130 MB without code dump now (probably more )
  • Added function to change the IOS a channel uses by patching the tmd & fakesigning it
  • Added source code

0.1 - May 22, 2009

  • Inital release