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A NES emulator for the Wii.


  • Best PAL mode: ?
  • Button to return to loader: N/A
  • Loaders useable: Twilight Hack, Geckoloader, Front SD ELF Loader
  • Installation for Zelda Chainloader: Install as usual
  • Create the following directories on the SD card in SD Gecko:
    • fceu/
    • fceu/roms - Store the rom files.
    • fceu/saves - Store save memory and states. A current bug saves states to the root of the card.
  • Loading from DVD does not work at this time.
  • Supports Zip compressed rom images.


Controls are subject to change and these may not be the final controls

Gamecube Version:

  • Z: Select
  • Y/X: Turbo A/B
  • L+R to return to FCEU's menu

WiiRemote Version:

Button Action
ButtonA.svg A Button
32px B Button
Button-.svg Select
24px Start
20px Move Up
20px Move Right
20px Move Down
20px Move Left
24px Menu


 What's new [20080331]Askot-
 - Fixed/changed SDCARD slot selection for searching roms, at 
 start you will be prompted for this option.
 - Code cleanup.
 - Added Wii mode support.
 - Give a "Bad cartridge" error instead of locking up.
 - Joystick fixes due to libogc r14's changed stick values
 - Rearranged menu to make more sense, and consistent with Snes9x
 - Add "Reboot" menu option
 - Removed "." directory from SD card listing, it's pointless
 - Expand DVD reading to DVD9 size (once DVDs are working again)
 - Added option to go back a menu by pressing B.
 What's new? Askot - 20080326
 - Added saving state in SD Card (State files will be saved in root of SDCARD).
   *Note: I can't make it work to save in root:\fceu\saves, so help needed.
 - Added SDCARD slot selection for searching roms, meaning, you can search roms 
   from SDCARD SLOT A & SLOT B (Beta, meaning, buggy, but works).
 - For standardization, you must create folders root:\fceu\roms to read NES 
   roms files from SDCARD.
 - Added C-Left to call Menu.
 - Reading files from SD Card it's faster, now they're called from cache
   after first reading.
 - Menu in saving STATE file changed to choose SLOT, DEVICE, Save STATE, 
   Load STATE, Return to previous. 
 - Added option PSO/SD Reload to menu, still works (START+B+X)
 - Modified controls when going into the rom selection menu (DVD or 
   + Use B to quit selection list.
   + Use L/R triggers or Pad Left/Right to go down/up one full page.
 - Some menu rearrangement and a little of source code cleanup: 
   + Every time you pressed B button on any option, play game started, not anymore
    until you select Play Game option.

Known Bugs

  • Sometimes the emulator doesn't load
  • After the first successful load of a game, the emulator show an error every time you try to load another game.


Other versions


WiiMote2.svg Nunchuck alternative.svg ClassicController.svg Loads files from the Front SD slot SD Gecko GameCube Memory Card

Suloku has made a version with wiimote/nunchuck/classic controller support. Download

*This version currently has issues when launched with the Homebrew Channel, and does work with 32MB SD cards


GameCube Controller Loads files from the Front SD slot SD Gecko GameCube Memory Card

Vicious1988 has made a version which is able to read from the Wii SD slot. See the thread at TehSkeen.


GameCube Controller Loads files from the Front SD slot WiiMote2.svg

Took Vicious1988's version, gutted the menu, and tweaked all around. Now load from any directory on SD file. SRAM saves are automatic. Take screenshots to PNG format. Works with GameCube pads and Wiimotes.