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Everybody Votes Channel
Versión 1.0
Descripción This channel allows people to vote some questions and see its results
Tipo Downloaded channel
Periféricos Wiimote1.svg Internet
Requiere WiiConnect24
Descargable vía Canal tienda Wii

The Everybody Votes Channel allows people to vote from one of two options on an all manner of questions, and then compare it with what the rest of the Wii-userbase think, over the Internet. Each Mii has its own vote. After voting, you can make a guess on which answer will be the most common one, and when the question expires, you can compare with other people. It downloads small .bin files for the content you see and for other purposes, they are all between 1 KB or 5 KB in size so nothing too large is dragged down.

Some of the files that the channel retrieves, are below:

When you post a response the software auto fills in a cgi-script on Nintendos server @ http://rcw.wc24.wii.com/cgi-bin/check.cgi

It sends data such as:


and receives:


It also stored your answers and questions in the Wii internal filesystem, in the WiiConnect24-folder. I think we have permission to open it up, but I don't think there's anything of interest in there.