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| peripherals = {{Wiimote1}}
| peripherals = {{Wiimote1}}
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| hbc        = 1
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DopeWars Wii is a port of the original game for the Palm OS. This version was chosen for its easy to use point and click interface. DopeWars is a turn-based strategy game in which the player simulates the role of a drug dealer. The game's objective is to make the maximum amount of money within a limited time.

  • Graphical interface with ability for skins (future version)
  • Jet to six different locations around New York City
  • Manage your money at the Bank, and pay off your debts at the Loan Shark
  • Buy a gun or shotgun to defend against the police
  • Deal eight different drugs, ranging from marijuana to cocaine to peyote
  • Over twenty random events to keep things interesting
  • High score system
  • Retro terminal style graphics to preserve classic feel





Initial release