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Disc Channel
Disc channel.jpg
Description For playing Wii or GC discs.
Type General channel
Peripherals Wiimote1.svg SensorBar.svg ClassicController.svg
Blocks (channel/save) None / Depends on game

The Disc Channel is the channel used to play Wii or GameCube games inserted into the disc drive of the Wii. It has been on the Wii's system since System Menu 1.0.


The channel changes based on the game inserted to show that the game is in the Wii. This is individual for each Wii game, however, GameCube games only show the GameCube logo, and not the game that it is, as GameCube discs did not have this encoded in them.

It is the only channel that cannot be moved normally. In order to move the channel, Priiloader or StartPatch can be used to enable movement of the channel. GeckoOS also has this ability.

Upon clicking this channel, if no disc has been loaded, there is a Wii disc showing on the animation, as well as a GameCube disc if that Wii model has GameCube support. The disc(s) begin spinning as the channel begins searching for a disc. If no disc is found, they stop spinning, and a tone is heard, signaling to the user that there is no disc present. However, if a disc is present, or inserted later, the disc(s) spin, and once the loading is finished there is either an error message saying the disc is invalid, or the respective disc on the screen slides into a slot, and the screen transitions to the preview animation of the respective game, or the GameCube logo.

If the disc is removed while it is running, the game will usually pause with a screen saying to put the disc back in, and will not continue. Putting in a different game's disc at this point does not switch the game, and instead simply keeps the error message up. However, there are some exceptions, such as the Wii Fit Channel not requiring a disc for some of its functionality.

Wii System Update

Discs also have system update packages bundled with them, allowing them to be run without an internet connection, even if the System Menu or a required IOS is outdated. When this is needed, the game's banner is replaced by a common banner saying "Wii System Update," and simply viewing the banner in full screen triggers an update prompt.

If a cIOS is installed, the Wii may assume that some discs require a newer System Menu, since it does not see the IOS it is expecting. This can be fixed with Priiloader by blocking disc updates.

Homebrew Significance

Before Twilight Hack was discovered, installing the Homebrew Channel required hardware modification to load a DVD instead of a game disc. This DVD would be put on the Disc Channel like a normal game, and was the only way to install the Homebrew Channel at the time.