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This is a beta release, please use cautiously and make sure you have a back-up of your savegame file.

DiiLC is a simple application to download and insert the DLC (downloadable content) or HDLC (hacked downloadable content) into Animal Crossing City Folk savegame file (use Waninkoko's savegame extractor for extracting savegame file). This application searches the DLC and HDLC files from the distributing servers. It could download and insert three DLCs (for US, EU, and JP regions) and one HDLC that are available when the application is running.

After downloading and inserting the available HDLC at that time, each character in the game will get a letter with a present from Pete. Yes, Pete is now cooperating with this wiibrew maker. And yes, he is doing it without getting additional bells. So this application follows a similar mechanism for getting DLC in the game. This means that each character has to receive the letter/present from Pete, otherwise the town will not be ready for the next DLC (when it becomes available). Below is a set of pictures to show current available HDLC being distributed by Pete in the game.

Pete is helping distributing HDLC
Letter from conanac with a present
Present contains blue carnations HDLC to celebrate Thanksgiving 11/26/2009

To change the directory and filenames for savegame and temporary files, a file called dlcsetting.xml is created in the SD card main folder (unless it is already there).