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The Devkit System Menu is the System Menu preinstalled on RVT-R Readers and other development units, and the System Menu used in the factory for retail units. Remnants of the Devkit System Menu also exist in the retail System Menu.

Devkit Boot Program

The Devkit Boot Program is responsible for loading discs on boot; it uses OSReport for its UI, and does not take any controller input besides to access the main menu.

While the main menu is referred to as "Devkit System Menu" and appears to be distinct from the Devkit Boot Program, both are in the same binary in the same title.


Savefiles are directly copied to the SD card when backing them up by creating a directory with the ASCII title ID with the files (not through a backup WAD), and adding a DEVKITMENU.SAVE file with NAND metadata.

Homebrew Channel DEVKITMENU.SAVE

F rwrw--  /settings.xml
F rwrw--  /banner.bin

Version history


  • OSReport now prints to the screen (similar to DEMOPrintf), allowing disc debug info to be seen on consoles without the MetroTRK serial interface normally used by OSReport
  • Uses IOS21


  • Renamed from NDEV System Menu to Devkit System Menu, possibly due to the use of this menu on the RVT-R Reader
  • Uses IOS17

Factory version

  • Unknown version number
  • Possibly uses IOS4