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The Dol file format is the main executable file format for both the GameCube and the Wii. The name presumably refers to "Dolphin", which was the GameCube's codename.

It is a simple file format consisting of a header and up to 7 loadable code sections (Text0..Text6) and up to 11 data sections (Data0..Data10). All values in the header are unsigned big-endian 32-bit values.


Start End Length Description
0x0 0x3 4 File offset to start of Text0
0x04 0x1b 24 File offsets for Text1..6
0x1c 0x47 44 File offsets for Data0..10
0x48 0x4B 4 Loading address for Text0
0x4C 0x8F 68 Loading addresses for Text1..6, Data0..10
0x90 0xD7 72 Section sizes for Text0..6, Data0..10
0xD8 0xDB 4 BSS address
0xDC 0xDF 4 BSS size
0xE0 0xE3 4 Entry point
0xE4 0xFF padding