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#press {{Wiimote1Button}} to generate GCT File which you activate code.
#press {{Wiimote1Button}} to generate GCT File which you activate code.
#press {{WiimoteHomeButton}} Exit Cheat Manager.
#press {{WiimoteHomeButton}} Exit Cheat Manager.
#start game with Gecko OS.....
#start game with [[Gecko_OS]].....
== Screen Shots ==
== Screen Shots ==

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Cheat Manager v0.2
Cheat manager Icon.png
Author(s)Spritez(David Zou)
[[v0.2 Fixed|Download]]
SensorBar.svg Wiimote1.svg Loads files from the Front SD slot

Cheat Manager is a homebrew app that allows you to select and edit codes in a text file and then generate a GCT file from it. Text files can be downloaded using Linus' Code Downloader


  1. decompress rar file into root of sd card.
  2. put text code file(*.txt) in sd:/txtcodes.
  3. run cheat manager, browse text code file and select it.
  4. press Wiimote + Button activate code item or press Wiimote - Button deactivate code item.
  5. press Wiimote 1 Button to generate GCT File which you activate code.
  6. press Wiimote HOME Button Exit Cheat Manager.
  7. start game with Gecko_OS.....

Screen Shots

Code Item Prefix

Cheat manager 04.jpg

Prefix Description
[-] deactivate code item
[+] activate code item
[?] this code item include comment
[!] this code item include variational code, you must edit it before generate gct file.


Waninkoko's WAD Manager.
Team Twiizers/devkitPRO's libogc
Thanks to everyone who made source code available for their Wii applications.


  • text files can not be larger than 64k bytes.
  • text files must use ascii, do not use UTF-8.


v0.2 Fixed