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What is BrawlStats?

BrawlStats is a Wii application that will have to be ran after a Super Smash Bros. Brawl session. It will store automatically on your SD your results and then you will be able to navigate freely through a clean GUI that will show you a lot of information that Brawl doesn't store (or doesn't show). It can be like a database of your Brawl matches.

What I need?

  • A homebrew capable Wii
  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl save data (PAL or NTSC-USA)
  • A fakesigned IOS
  • SD card


First of all, load BrawlStats from your favourite homebrew loading method.

It will start the configuration wizard. It's pretty self-explanatory except for the IOS question if you are not inside the Wii homebrew world. BrawlStats needs a fakesigned IOS in order to run.

  • If you are on 3.2 just select IOS36 and you are ready!
  • If you are on 3.3 or higher:
    • If you have a cIOS (recommended), select it.
    • If you don't want to install a cIOS, you must recover the trucha bug using Trucha Bug Restorer for example.

Once you finished the configuration wizard, a brawlstats.cfg file will be created on SD:/brawlstats/. If sometime you need to modify this configuration you will have to delete this file, and BrawlStats will start the wizard again.


First time you run BrawlStats you won't be able to see almost any stats. This is normal, and you MUST do it. The first time it will create a file with all your game information that will be used on future sessions. Now you can play a Brawl session as long as you want. Once you are finished run BrawlStats again and it will ask you if you want to create a new session, answer always YES. Now you will be able to see the information about the first session! :D

From now on, you will have to run BrawlStats after any Brawl Session, this is necessary even if you don't want to save the information of that session. If you don't follow this rule, next session you create will have the information of both latest sessions, so remember to run BrawlStats after any session if you want to have real data.

The menus

BrawlStats is divided on 4 tabs. Every tab has its own pages. You can use Wiimote or Gamecube pads to navigate through menus. You can navigate through pages with A (next page) or B (previous page). You can jump between tabs with +/R (next tab) or -/L (previous tab). You can take snapshots to the SD with 2 (Wiimote) or Z (Gamecube).

  • FIRST TAB: Sessions
    The most important one. It will start empty, but after every session it will grow bigger as a nice Brawl sessions database.
    • Page 1: Shows the number of matches, play time and winners.
      Use Up/Down to change session.
    • Page 2: Shows the session player ranking.
      Use Left/Right to change the table sort method.
    • Page 3: Shows the session character ranking.
      Use Left/Right to change the table sort method.
    • Page 4: Stats Melee-style.
      This will be only available if the players have not selected the same characters on the selected session.
  • SECOND TAB: Players
    Here you can see the general stats of players.
    • Page 1: Shows the list of players and the time spent on every character.
      Use Left/Right to change player.
    • Page 2: Shows the general player ranking.
      Use Left/Right to change the table sort method.
    • Page 3: Shows the general player ranking (stats per match).
      Use Left/Right to change the table sort method.
  • THIRD TAB: Characters
    This is exactly the same as second tab but for characters.
    The only change is that on page 1 you can see how many KO this character has done.
  • FORTH TAB: General
    This tab shows some stats like the total of matches or play time.

Have fun with BrawlStats! :)