BootMii Platform

What is BootMii?

BootMii is a system designed by Team Twiizers to enable complete control of the Wii. It allows us to control the Wii about one second after the On button has been pressed. Even before the System Menu. In fact, we can control it before the IOS even loads.

What are the benefits of BootMii?

BootMii can allow anything from Recovery modes (creating a practically unbrickable wii), to lazy access of the Homebrew Channel. For example, if you have corrupted the System Menu, you can use either the WAD Manager to reinstall it, or you can use the AnyRegion Changer to install a System Menu 3.2 Unfortunately, all of these tools need an IOS, because libogc needs IOS. However, there will probably be a Recover App made in the future at some point.

How does BootMii work?

The BootMii Platform is a boot2 hack, which is loaded by boot1, which is loaded by boot0. boot0 and boot1 are on non-writable chips, and are therefore unable to be bricked, or hacked. However, boot2 is the first code loaded from the NAND. This means it can be hacked, and also updated, and corrupted. BootMii hacks the boot2 files, and allows us to run code straight from the SD Card, before anything else is loaded. This has huge advantages, such as making it very difficult to brick, and keeping Nintendo from stopping homebrew. The only way we could stop Nintendo from blocking homebrew completely however, is by using BootMii to patch the updates on-the-fly. Also, it may be possible to keep anything from overwriting the boot2 hack.

When will BootMii be released?

As you may know, BootMii has not yet been released. It may even take a few months. There is not a set release date, so DO NOT BUG TEAM TWIIZERS (e.g. MARCAN, BUSHING, ETC.) ABOUT WHEN IT'LL BE RELEASED! BootMii will be released when it's done. If made sloppily, it can and will brick your console. It is undergoing a lot of work, and it is being thoroughly tested. Remember how long it took to make the Homebrew Channel? Well, they are going to do even more testing, because of the nature of such a hack.

Does BootMii require special hardware?


Video of the BootMii hack:

This is a demo from Marcan about the BbootMii p[latform. This is the official BootMii. Please read below if you are wondering abo0ut the hardware on his Wii..