Bermuda Syndrome Wii

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Bermuda Syndrome Wii
Bermuda syndrome.png
TypeGame engine
GameCube Controller ClassicController.svg Wiimote1.svg Loads files from SDHC cards in the Front SD slot USB mass storage device

Bermuda Syndrome Wii is a port of the Bermuda Syndrome game engine. More info on the original game here.


  • Extract the zip on your SD card or USB drive.
  • You need the original data files of the game.
  • Copy the BERMUDA folder content of your game in sd:/bermuda/data or usb:/bermuda/data. Content : 01, 02, 03 ... jack and so on ...


In Menu

GameCube Controller WiimoteHorizontal.svg ClassicController.svg Action
Gamecube D-Pad Down/Gamecube D-Pad Up Wiimote D-Pad Down/Wiimote D-Pad Up Classic D-Pad Down/Classic D-Pad Up Navigate the options
Gamecube D-Pad Left/Gamecube D-Pad Right Wiimote D-Pad Left/Wiimote D-Pad Right Classic D-Pad Left/Classic D-Pad Right Change Load/Save slot
Gamecube A Button Wiimote A Button Classic a Button Confirm
GameCube L Trigger Wiimote HOME Button Classic HOME Button Exit menu

In Game

GameCube Controller WiimoteHorizontal.svg ClassicController.svg Action
GameCube D-Pad Wiimote D-Pad Classic D-Pad Move
Gamecube A Button Wiimote A Button Classic a Button Use Object / Select Item / Talk
Gamecube B Button Wiimote 1 Button Classic b Button Run / Take Away Weapon
Gamecube X Button Wiimote + Button Classic x Button Inventory
Gamecube Y Button Wiimote 2 Button Classic y Button Use Weapon
GameCube Z Button Wiimote - Button Classic L Trigger Game Menu


0.2 - March 28, 2012

  • Better usb support(ios58).
  • Use BMP instead of PNG for background menu(libpng issue with latest SDL-Wii).

0.1 - March 23, 2012

  • initial release.




  • Century Interactive : the original game.
  • Gregory Montoir : the game engine reimplementation.
  • Libogc/devkitppc dreamteam
  • L.
  • Mother