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Barrage is a rather violent action game with the objective to kill and destroy as many targets as possible within 3 minutes. You control a gun that may either fire small or large grenades at soldiers, jeeps and tanks. Targets are fast paced and require careful aiming as it takes half a second to reload the gun. Additionally you have to keep an eye on your ammo and reload in time. Useful to kill some minutes of idle time. :)


  1. Homebrew Channel users just need to copy everything on the archive into the root of your SD card. TP hack users have to copy or move apps/Barrage/boot.elf to the root directory of your SD card and start the hack.
  2. Launch the game using your Loader.


Wiimote1.svg Action
Wiimote A Button Bomb
Wiimote B Button Granade
Wiimote + Button Reload


  • A keyboard simulation to enter your hi-score :-(


  • If it says it can't find a file in the gfx folder make sure the gfx and sound folders and files are in the root of your sd card.