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Banana Patcher
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TypeSystem tool
Wiimote.svg Loads files from the Front SD slot

Banana Patcher is able to apply on-the-fly Preloader patches to System Menu without installing anything to the NAND. Some of the code was taken from Waninkoko's Menu Patcher.

Useful for:

  • Play your GC imports
  • Copy your copy-protected saves to SD easily
  • Move Disc Channel

Banana Patcher needs an IOS with trucha bug (any cIOS will work).

WARNING: Banana Patcher doesn't modify your NAND. However, it's still a dangerous application so use it at your own risk!

How to use

Banana Patcher uses the same Preloader hacks file format. The only difference is that you must place the hacks file in sd:/banana_hacks.txt. Don't try to run Banana Patcher with a lot of hacks, because the Wii System Menu can become very unstable. Remove the ones your are not going to use.

In the hacks subdirectory you can find some example files, just take the one you need and rename it to sd:/banana_hacks.txt.

Predefined hacks

If you are only going to use the most important hacks just run Banana Patcher without the sd:/banana_hacks.txt file and you will be able to choose which hacks you want to enable:

  • Remove the copy-protection of your savegames
  • Move Disc Channel
  • Gamecube Region Free

Banana Patcher includes these predefined hacks for:

  • 4.2U
  • 4.2E
  • 4.2J
  • 4.2K
  • 4.1J
  • 4.1U
  • 4.1E
  • 4.0U
  • 4.0E
  • 3.2U
  • 3.2E

With the exception of Gamecube Region Free hack, which is not available on 4.0U or 4.0E.


v1 (2009.07.28)

  • first version
  • download old version here

v2 (2010.02.16)

  • added IOS selector at start (you don't need a patched IOS36 anymore, just use any cIOS)
  • added predefined hacks (you don't need the banana_hacks.txt file for main hacks)
  • added new hack files (thanks to marinos35)

Unofficial Versions

Banana patcher mod35.png Banana Patcher mod35

By marinos35

This is a mod of v1


  • It looks for the hack txt at a USB device and not at SD


  • hack txt files updated to 4.2

Download (source included): Banana Patcher mod35