Alien Puzzle Wii

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Alien Puzzle Wii
TypePuzzle Game
Downloadable via the Homebrew Browser
WiiDrawing.svg WiimoteHorizontal.svg Wiimote4.svg SensorBar.svg Loads files from the Front SD slot USB mass storage device Local WiFi Internet

(copy and pasted from the documentation)

Alien Puzzle Wii is a homemade puzzle game for the Nintendo Wii. The goal of the game is to get to the end of each level while collecting as many points as you can from the gems scattered throughout each level. The key trick to this game is the fact that once you start moving, you can’t stop (except for in certain cases which are talked about in the documentation). This requires precision as each level is scattered with TNT, which will explode on contact. Some of them move, some of them just sit there. Each level is unique, as is the rest of the game. Good thing you have three lives. And if you beat the level, you get to carry your score on with you to the next level. Thus, you can get amazingly high scores! You can play alone, or with a friend. Just be careful, if you collide with your friend, you both will bounce. And don’t worry, if you don’t want to play the actual game, you can always relax to some nice music via the built in mp3 player, which can be accessed by pressing the “home” button on the Wii controller. While you’re doing that, you could also make levels in your own paint editor, without even having to learn how to draw! (Described in the documentation) And with the online shop, you can download new levels for absolutely free.

Documentation can be found here

The rest of the downloads are to the right, if you have any questions or issues about this game, please email me at



-Plays sounds from the Wii Remote's speaker to let you know when you do something (Can be disabled by pressing B on the home menu screen)
-Level previews so that you know what level you are playing/downloading

Single Player Mode

-Level Browser (for user created levels)
-Unique Items such as TNT, Bouncy Walls, and Sticky Walls (see documentation for more info)
-Ability to use motion controls (Can be changed by pressing A at the home menu screen)

Multiplayer Mode

-Level Browser (for user created levels)
-Unique Items such as TNT, Bouncy Walls, and Sticky Walls (see documentation for more info)
-Ability to use motion controls (Each player can change this by pressing A at the home menu screen)
-Support for up to 4 players (Depending on the level


-An entire Download-able Content Shop (DLC Shop) that allows you to download new single player and mutliplayer maps *
-A high score system that actually saves your high scores to your SD Card or USB Drive
-Level creation can be done through your favorite drawing application then converted with the level converter tool provided
-Ability to add a custom background to your levels
-Ability to add custom music in mp3 format to your levels
-Behind the scenes mp3 player that allows you to play your favorite mp3 files, whenever you want!  You can even use this music instead of the level's music!  (Can be accessed by 
 pressing the home button)
* Requires a connection to the internet through your Wii

More Info

Version 0.4


The main menu:


The Dlc shop:


A sample multiplayer level:


Version 0.5 Preview


The pictures were outdated, new version has true type font support, so the text looks much better. Here is a list of upcoming features (please note that some of these are still pending for the next release. They may not be done until a later release.):


-Co-op multiplayer
-Vs multiplayer
-Options menu with the following options:
    -Select a custom object pack *
    -Change the difficulty **
    -Switch player 1(One)'s controller volume
    -Reset all settings back to their default settings
-Gamecube controller support
-A completely redone behind the scenes mp3 player.  New features include:
    -Playlist support.  Songs added to the playlist are indicated by a "*" symbol
    -Displays 7 songs per page, instead of the single one at the bottom.
    -Songs can now be paused, NOT JUST STOPPED.  That way, you don't have to start the song from the beginning. ***
    -Now reads the following mp3 file info from id3 tags (supports v1, v2.2, v2.3, and v2.4):
        -Song title
        -Song Artist
        -Album art.  This will actually be drawn to the screen as long as it is able to read it correctly, and the image is png format.
    -A colored icon now switches colors even more to indicate the mp3 player's state. (Red is stopped, Green is playing a single song, Blue is playing a playlist, and yellow is 
-True type font support, so that now the text looks better (except for the mp3 player.  This is to keep compatibility with feature games that use it)
-Level Descriptions for Dlc Shop and level browser (still being worked on.  Will include level author and version)
-New object pack section in the Dlc shop. *
-Mutliplayer over wifi.  This is still pending completion, as I am currently in need of a place to run the server.  I'm considering setting up one myself, but without a computer, I would be limited to the amount of people on at once.  I am currently able to run the entire game server off of my Nintendo DS for testing purposes.  The whole part is done, it now just needs to be implemented into the menus, and then I need to find a server.  Multiplayer over wifi will consist of the same modes as in local multiplayer, although I am thinking of more modes to add.  Suggestions are welcome in the discussion page for this game.
* Object packs are basically character packs.  They allow you to change the objects in the game (instead of just the level's layout).  A tutorial will be released with the next version on how to make object packs.
** The difficulty settings include Very Easy, Easy, Normal, Hard, and Very Hard.  Each difficulty has it's own set of differences, and each has its own high score table as well.
*** The pause function for the mp3 player is a custom function I added to libogc.  It actually pauses the mp3, without completely stopping it.



First official release