Accessing Wii Shop Channel from PC

Browsing in the Wii Shop Channel

This page gives a how-to on accessing the Wii Shop Channel from your PC.

What you need

First, get "Wii NWC Prod 1" from this website (in the top right corner): Once it has downloaded click on the file to install it, you should use the default settings. The password (which it will ask for) is "alpine".

Then, change your browser user agent to "Opera/9.30 (Nintendo Wii; U; ; 2077-4; Wii Shop Channel/21.0(A); en)". On Google Chrome right click anywhere to get to inspect element. On the top toolbar with "Elements, Console, Sources, Network" there will be three vertical dots on the right side. Click them, go to more tools -> network conditions. At the bottom of the inspect window there should be a "network conditions" section. Deselect "select user agent automatically", then copy/paste the Opera/9.30 thing in quotes at the start of this paragraph (don't copy/paste the quotes though).

You can now go to

You can also try to go to these sites: and it should work

Any valid Nintendo title ID works, since it queries the entire Nintendo ecommerce database.

This is a Switch title, and it doesn't show its name but it shows its title ID, it would show nothing if it didn't exist, so it exists.