Accessing Wii Shop Channel From PC

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Browing in the Wii Shop Channel

This page gives a how-to on accessing the Wii Shop Channel from your pc.

What you need:

Mozilla Firefox (I used version

Changing Browser Identification (The best way)

Go to and download the User Agent Switcher plugin.

Install, restart, and add into your toolbar. Then go into User Agent->Options->Options->User Agents and click Add.

Add as the User Agent and put a description (Wii). user_agents

Then type in "Opera/9.30 (Nintendo Wii; U; ; 2047-7; Wii Shop Channel/1.1; en)" in the User Agent field. (Updated 20/5/2008 by ppkhoa)

Note: As of October 23rd, 2008, the User Agent string described above won't work; the new User Agent is not yet known. (Updated 23/10/2008 by DKII)

Hit OK twice.

Go into Tools->User Agent Switcher->Wii.

Then copy one of the URL's below into the address bar.

Changing Browser Identification

Start up Mozilla Firefox and navigate to the address "about:config".

Right click, and choose New->String.

Type "general.user.override" in the first box and press enter ("general.useragent.override" in Firefox

Then "Opera/9.30 (Nintendo Wii; U; ; 2047-7; Wii Shop Channel/1.1; en)" in the second box. user_agents (Updated 20/5/2008 by ppkhoa)

Now, restart Firefox, and enjoy being able to access the Wii Shop :).

Some Wii Shop Sites

^^ Above URLS did not work from UK and Germany

^^ Just increase the p value to change page

^^ WiiWare catalog

The server used is : Apache Tomcat/4.1

Source/more information: (outdated, but still helpful)

URLs above have been updated, to reflect the changes nintendo have made. Nintendo's Wii shop channel is now insisting on an https:// connection for normal browsing.

These are the URLs to access news and weather data files: