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ASH tools
TypePC utility

I didn't originally make any of this, I'm just giving the required tools demo videos at the bottom!!!


ASH tools is a program which extracts pac. and creates pac. files but also pcs. files. pac. files are files that contain textures to nitendo games such as super smash bros. brawl wii. after they are extracted by the program they can be edited by photoshop, photofiltre, or paint.NET (these are the ones I've tried, I don't have the full version of photoshop, so I just use paint.NET and photofiltre. They're free.)(paint.NET is a more advanced version of piant) WARNING PAINT WILL NOT WORK ONLY THE ONES ABOVE)

what you need

-gecko OS -the download pack - a WINDOWS computer - a wii -super smash bros. brawl wii


texture showcases:

brawl vault: is a website were people every were upload their textures so YOU can get them!!! brawlvault




the program was so popular that all of its data was lost. when it was made? who made it? i dont know. if you look it up it will proboly be someone trying to be famous. the only thing was that i fixed the whole thing, made guides, tested things, made it work, and much more! but the program wasnt made by me i just made it work again.

coming soon...

there is two ways to make textrue hacks for super smash bros. this is on way. i will post the other way soon, its better but harder to use.