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3dmaze icon.png
TypePuzzle game
[Media:3DMazeSources.zip Source]
Downloadable via the Homebrew Browser
Wiimote1.svg SensorBar.svg Wiimoteplus.svg

Get out of the 3D Maze!


Wiimote - Button Drecrease maze size
Wiimote + Button Increase maze size
Wiimote 1 Button Take a screenshot
Wiimote HOME Button Return to loader
Wiimote Power Button Shutdown Wii
Wii POWER Button Shutdown Wii
Wii RESET Button Reset Wii


Imagine having a 3D labyrinth in your hands... you can rotate it in any direction to get a red ball out of it.

Motion Plus is not mandatory but recommended.



  • Initial release


michelinux AT gmail DOT com



Special thanks to

  • P.D. Magnus for Ambages font

Known issues

  • Sometimes initializing Motion Plus makes IR tracking go crazy (!?)
  • When Wiimote is kept vertical motion tracking is badly approximate

Multilanguage support

Please, help me translating these strings in your language:

maze dimension: %d

  • italian: dimensione labirinto: %d
  • pt-br: dimensão do labirinto : %d
  • norwegian: labyrint dimensjon: %d
  • german: Grösse des Labyrinths: %d
  • dutch: Grootte van het labyrinth: %d
  • danish: labyrint dimension: %d
  • french: dimension du labyrinthe: %d

motion plus not detected

  • italian: motion plus not trovato
  • pt-br: motion plus não foi reconhecido
  • norwegian: fant ikke motion plus tilkoblet
  • german: Motion Plus nicht erkannt
  • dutch: motion plus is niet gevonden
  • danish: motion plus er ikke tilsluttet
  • french: motion plus non détecté

place wiimote on horizontal surface

  • italian: poggia il wiimote su un piano
  • pt-br: ponha o wiimote na horizontal
  • norwegian: plasser wiimoten på en horisontal overflate
  • german: Lege die Wiimote auf eine horizontale Fläche
  • dutch: leg de wiimote op een horizontaal oppervlak
  • french: placez la wiimote sur une surface horizontale


  • italian: inizia
  • pt-br: inicio
  • norwegian: start
  • german: Start
  • dutch: start
  • danish: start
  • french: commencer

constructing maze...

  • italian: costruzione labirinto...
  • pt-br: construindo labirinto
  • norwegian: konstruerer labyring...
  • german: Erzeuge Labyrinth...
  • dutch: labyrinth maken
  • danish: konstruerer labyrinten
  • french: construction du labyrinthe...

you won!

  • italian: hai vinto!
  • pt-br: você venceu !
  • norwegian: du har vunnet!
  • german: Du hast gewonnen!
  • dutch: Je hebt gewonnen!
  • danish: du har vundet!
  • french: vous avez gagné !

play again

  • italian: ricomincia
  • pt-br: jogar novamente
  • norwegian: spill igjen
  • german: Nochmals spielen
  • dutch: nog een keer
  • danish: spil igen
  • french: rejouer


  • italian: esci
  • pt-br: sair
  • norwegian: avslutt
  • german: Beenden
  • dutch: beëindigen
  • danish: afslut
  • french: quitter