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cdb.vff is a "virtual FAT filesystem" that contains, among other things, the contents of the Wii Message Board, including emails and playtime records.


Start Length Typical value Description
0 4 'VFF' and 0x20 4-byte magic
4 2 feff Byte order mark (in this case, big endian)
6 2 0100 ? (2's complement of previous field ?)
8 4 01400000 Total file size
12 2 0020 Offset to start of first FAT
14 18 zeroes padding

There are two FATs, one located at offset 0x20, the other at 0x14020. They should generally be identical.

The root directory begins at 0x28020; see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File_Allocation_Table#Directory_table for the format.

Clusters seem to be 0x1020 bytes each (!?!)