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This is a member of the /dev/fs file structure. It contains miscellaneous content that does not follow a common sharing mechanism the way /shared1 does.

A quick (and incomplete) overview of the containing folders:

/menu/FaceLib/RFL_DB.dat - this is the database-file where Mii's are stored

/sys/net/dhcp.dat - This file contains IP-addresses used by the Wii when connecting to the internet

/sys/NANDBOOTINFO - This file keeps state about what title was most recently launched by the System Menu.

/expired - contains something like a PlayTime-limit? (Reference: OSPlayTime.c - PlayTime: %d seconds left [found in mariokart-channel])

/test2/dvderror.dat - This file keeps track of disc drive errors

/test2/nanderror.log - This file presumably keeps track of NAND errors

/ec - State kept by the Wii Store (EC = "Electronic Commerce", probably)

/succession - contains shop.log and transfer.id, both presumably have something to do with the shop channel.

/menu - Public state managed by the system menu