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/dev/usb/hid is used to interact with USB HIDs in IOS57, 58 and 59.

It is very similar to /dev/usb/ven and other v5 interfaces. Some ioctl handlers are identical to USB_VEN. Both rely on /dev/usb/usb for most actions.


Handles for USB_HID function exactly the same as for USB_VEN.

Internal device structure

HID has an additional member at the end of the device structure that seems to be used for keeping track of ongoing transfers.


Ioctl Name Notes
0 GetVersion Identical to VEN
1 GetDeviceChange Identical to VEN
2 Shutdown Identical to VEN
3 GetDeviceInfo Similar to VEN, but with different offsets
4 ? Identical to VEN
5 ? Identical to VEN
6 AttachFinish Identical to VEN
7 SetAlternateSetting Not available in HID
8 ? Does not exist in HID
0x10 SuspendResume Identical to VEN
0x11 CancelEndpoint Calls /dev/usb/usb ioctl 0x10

Depending on the endpoint (in[8]), this may abort an ongoing transfer with return code -7022 (USB_CANCELLED).

0x12 (ioctlv) CtrlTransfer (?) ?
0x13 (ioctlv) IntrTransfer (?) ?
0x14 (ioctlv) IsoTransfer Not available in HID
0x15 (ioctlv) BulkTransfer Not available in HID