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/dev/usb/hid is used to interact with USB HIDs in IOS57, 58 and 59.

It is very similar to /dev/usb/ven and other v5 interfaces. Some ioctl handlers are identical to USB_VEN, except some sanity checks on input parameters are missing in USB_HID. Both rely on /dev/usb/usb for most actions.

Only IOS_OPEN, IOS_CLOSE, IOS_IOCTL and IOS_IOCTLV are valid commands. The other commands immediately return IPC_EINVAL (-4).


Up to 16 handles can be opened, each with their own device change hook. The handle ID is specified in the open request as the "mode". IPC_EINVAL will be returned if a ID that is in use is passed.


Ioctl Name Input Output Notes