System Menu 4.3-Mini

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System Menu 4.3-Mini
Date history
Release dateUSA Flag.png December 7, 2012

EUR Flag.png March 15, 2013
System Menu IOSIOS80
Fullmetal5's description
Version History
Preceded by4.3

System Menu 4.3-Mini is the System Menu present on the Wii Mini. It is labeled identically to System Menu 4.3, however, several changes were made.


  • Removed SD Card Menu
  • Removed SD Card from Data Management
  • Removed Internet, WiiConnect24, Wii System Update, and Screen from System Settings as none of those are supported
  • The PAL version has an option for Auto Power-Down.
  • 007E (Auto Erase disc) is now on the disc blacklist (together with the Wii Startup Disc, Wii Backup Disc, and 408x)

Affected homebrew

Affected Effect Workaround
All savegame exploits Cannot be copied, even with hardware modification Bluebomb
All homebrew requiring internet Do not work due to the lack of accessible internet settings Use Ethernet Enabler and connect ethernet.