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Wii Homebrew Launcher

Created by Hell Hibou

mail: see LisezMoi (readme)

Wii Homebrew Launcher is an interface similar to that of the wii menu. It allows you to start homebrew stored on your SD-card in the wii front sd slot. Each program is represented by its own customizable "channel"


    • Copy boot.elf to an SD-card
    • Create a folder named homebrew on the root of the SD-card. (X:\homebrew)
  • For each homebrew:
    • Create a folder in the homebrew folder(Max 8 symbols long)(X:\homebrew\12345678)
    • Place The elf in that folder and name it "boot.elf"
    • OPTIONAL: For a custom name: add a "title.txt" containing the channel's titel
    • OPTIONAL: For a custom image: add a "title.bmp", it has to be a 24-bits bitmap of 132x95 pixels.


It requires the use of a gamecube controller.

  • D-pad: Select a channel
  • A: Launch the channel
  • R/L: Change page (more then 11 homebrew channels)
  • Z: Refresh the channel list.