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WiiPhysics is a physics playground for the wii, much like crayon physics or PocketPhysics. It uses Box2D and libwiisprite.

Project Info

The svn repository can be found here: wiiphysics.googlecode.com.


2008.06.30 - v1.2

  • Changelog:
    • +Removed need for /data directory, compacting wiiphysics into single boot.elf file
    • +Added Undo Button
    • +Pulleys, Ropes and Gears (Pin) work great now
    • +Improved Icons and layout
    • +Line Drawing works perfect now
    • +Many Bug fixes, clean up

2008.06.29 - v1.1

  • Changelog:
    • +Added Line (Dynamic rectangle) Drawing
    • +Clear Screen Button
    • +Pulley/joint bug fixes to stop crashing!
    • +fixed layout a bit

2008.06.28 - v1.0-Initial Release

Bug Reporting

Any feature requests/ issues you'd like fixed should be reported here: http://code.google.com/p/wiiphysics/issues/list

Physics Tools Overview

Tools Overview:

  • Select - Use this tool to select objects, Hold A to drag them around, Hold A and press B to put them to sleep/wake them up
  • Draw Circle - Draw Circle
  • Draw Box - Draw Box
  • Clear Screen (BOMB) - Remove Everything
  • Undo - Undo


  • Rope Joint - Connect two objects by a rope
    • Click on two Objects to connect them
  • Rotate Joint - Create a rotation joint using 2 objects
    • Click on two objects to set up a rotation relationship
  • Pulley Joint = Click on three objects to set up a pulley system
    • 2nd object is the pulley anchor

Object Control

  • Mobile Objects - Keep this selected to allow these objects to move
  • Frozen Objects - Keep this selected to freeze objects you create

Sim Control

  • Run - Run the simulation
  • Stop - Freeze/pause the simulation (Good for building)


Button Action
ButtonA.svg Select, (Hold A and drag to move objects)
Button-.svg Shrink Object
24px Enlarge Object
24px Clear Screen
24px Quit