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WiiBuilder 1.0 formerly known as GRRLIB Converter is a Windows software to use for Wii homebrew development.


The File tab is use to:

  • Convert Portable Network Graphics (.png) to C array in header file (.h), works with GRRLIB 3.0 and libwiisprite
  • Convert Images (.gif, .bmp, .jpeg or .jpg) to header file (.h), works with GRRLIB 2.0 or less
  • Convert XML (.xml) to C array in header file (.h)
  • Convert GRRLIB 2.0 (or less) screenshot (.grr) to Portable Network Graphics (.png)
  • Load Wii executables files (.dol) from a computer to a Wii with the Homebrew Channel, IP address must be entered in the Settings
  • Compile Makefile to (.dol and .elf), you must have "make" available in your path

You just need to drop a file in the list box. If drag-and-drop is not working (Wine), you could simply right click on the list box to bring the popup menu. From the menu, select Add a File to the List..., in the Open dialog box you could select multiple files. If you don't want to open the software, just drag-and-drop files on the program icon. This is because the software accepts command line, just type WiiBuilder myfile.png. When the files are generated, they overwrite existing ones.

WiiBuilder Screenshot

The Font Generator tab is use to generate a image (PNG or Bitmap) from a specific font on your system. PNG files will have the GRRLIB 3.0 format and Bitmap files will only work with GRRLIB 2.0 or less. Just select the font, size and style you need and click on the Generate Image button to open the Save As dialog box. The antialiasing option only works when you are saving a PNG file.

The Color Converter is a tool convert color from one format to another. It could be used to convert colors from 24-bit truecolor to 16-bit highcolor code. Result could be shown in Hex or Dec.

Finally, the Settings tab is use to save your configurations in the registry. If you want to delete the software it's best to click on the Clean Registry button to delete all registry entry.


It could be downloaded from Here.