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Old news can be found here, for the latest news Current events

  • 24 February 08

GC-Linux has released a Wii Proof of Concept mini-distro. GC-Linux main page PoC Download(Works with usb Gecko)

emu_kidid released his Wii Mode MP3 Player.

  • 22 February 08

Beardface has released a new version of the EasyIOS application for the Wii. The new version is a stable release that allows those too lazy to code to contribute to the development effort.

  • 19 February 08

Team Twiizers (tmbinc, segher, bushing) released an updated version of the Twilight Hack. It is now possible to load ELF files from an SD card using an SD Gecko (or similar). Be sure to read the included README.

  • 19 February 08

Christian Auby aka DesktopMan has managed to port Tetris to the Wii. The game can be loaded using the Twilight Hack. Download the video [1] (also on Youtube [2]) and the ELF file [3] from his website.

  • 15 February 08

laZmike displays a small "Hello, World!" demo using the Twilight Hack. You can view the video at [4]

  • 14 February 08

"Auby" has managed to have the Twilight Hack load a pong game! As of right now, it doesn't do much because there are no controls. You can see it in action at [5] (smooth video but takes a while to load) or [6] (choppy video but loads a lot faster) Happy Valentine's Day to Everyone!

TikTok n' Botch run tachtig on Zelda exploit, make "release". Film at 11.

  • 13 February 08

say hi to wiifuse_server, a new tool with a ridiculous big list of requirements.

  • 12 February 08

The Project of the Month page is now up - Congratulations to Johnny Lee for his Wiimote work.

  • 11 February 08

Contest is over! Guess why :) Twilight Hack

  • 4 February 08

We are currently running two logo contests; Check them out here!

Really old news

There seems to be a reallt old news page too WiiCR-archive