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* '''16 April 17 :''' [[Hermes]] 0.90 released by [[User:Oibaf|Oibaf]]
* '''16 April 17 :''' [[Hermes]] 0.90 released by [[User:Oibaf|Oibaf]]
* '''05 April 17:''' [[GCMM]] 1.4f released by suloku
* '''05 April 17:''' [[GCMM]] 1.4f released by suloku
* '''15 January 17 :''' [[WoxelCraft|WoxelCraft]] v0.0.3 released by [[User:DaeFennek|DaeFennek]]

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This page is a list of homebrew releases and updates, used for the "Latest homebrew releases" section on the Main Page.

Adding an item

  • Log in to the wiki. Editing is disabled if you don't have an account.
  • Add your application to the top of the list, using the following format. Please include the application's creator, version number, and a link to a page on Wiibrew about the application. No external links please.
    • Format: '''DD Month YY:''' [[<Application>]] released by [[User:<Author>|<Author>]].
    • Example: '''24 March 19:''' [[RockPaperScissors64]] 1.2 released by [[User:DevDude|DevDude]]
  • Move the last entry to the appropriate archive. There should be no more than 5 entries in the list. If an app was released in March 2019, move it to WiiBrew:Homebrew releases/March 2019.
  • There should not be more than one entry at a time for any specific app. If there is an update, remove the older one from the list rather than another app.
  • Avoid editing existing entries. The entries below are scraped to make the RSS feed, and changing what's already there makes a duplicate entry.


(earlier releases were in the News archive)