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These are some currently popular questions in the #wiibrew channel. Remember to read Channel FAQ before you jump in.


Are we using the SDK? Is there an SDK from Nintendo for Wii development? Is it leaked?

No, we are using the open-source, freely available devkitPPC and libogc. See http://www.devkitpro.org/category/devkitppc/ for more info.

Will the Wii have homebrew apps just like the iPhone?

There's a chance that the Wii will have homebrew third-party apps. We can see the Wii having an image-editing program, third-party emulators, and DVD support, but we will have to wait and see.

Will a Wii System Update brick my hacked Wii?

Probably not. Everything we do is erased from memory when you turn off your Wii. Future hacks might be more invasive, which will carry greater risk.

What if the next Wii update patches the exploits?

The only ways to "patch the exploits" (currently only the Twilight Hack) would be to press new discs or have the system patch the game upon loading it. The likelyhood of the former depends on whether or not they intend to keep fixing bugs anyway -- this hack is probably not enough reason for them to restart production of the discs. (That having been said, there are already two different NTSC/US versions of that game, so a third could be released.)

Patching the game while loading is unlikely for a number of boring reasons. It's a lot of work with very little benefit -- until homebrew activities threaten Nintendo's revenue, don't expect them to expend serious effort to stop it.

Wii Hacking

What's happening now?

A lot of people are working on fancy Wii homebrew. Lots of work remains to be done.

For example:

  • Building a working toolchain environment
  • Making a working low-level library to access hardware (CPU/GPU/controllers/USB/Framebuffers and debugging)
  • Documenting memory maps,
  • Discovering usage of registers for (Audio Interface, Serial Interface, Memory Interface, Video Interface),
  • Triggering and setting up interrupt handling
  • Working on a stable Initial Program Loader
  • Reverse engineering IOS and other binary files.

The Fish Disc looks really promising

The Fish Disc is able to transfer the bare essentials (savegames, preferences) of one Wii to another. It also allows all personal data to be erased, much like the "Format System Memory" option.

Is the ELF loader ready yet?/Is the Zelda Exploit able to boot homebrew?

Yes, see Twilight Hack

What new features are you planning for the next release?

Hopefully, source code.

How did this happen?

The "tweezer" attack was originally used to access the restricted parts of the RAM. This allowed them to access/discover a exploit (as used in the original video)

This exploit can be patched "easily" by Nintendo and has as of IOS37. More information on the signing exploit can be found in this blog post by tmbinc.

There are a lot of keys, encryption methods, protection and systems in place.. Most of these are not public.

Can I use the Wiimote?

No, we are working on it but a lot has to be implemented to make this work, the GC-controller is the only controller supported as of right now.

When will I be able to use the Wii's built-in front loading SD slot?

Right now. As of alpha3a of the Twilight Hack you can use a FAT16 formatted SD card in the front SD slot. experimental FAT 32 support is added in alpha 3b.

Twilight Hack

How does it work?

An exploit has been found in the Wii game "The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess". Once used it launches custom code. It is similar to the GTA PSP Exploit.

How do I use it?

The Twilight Hack WiiBrew Wiki page has everything you need to know on how to use the Zelda Exploit.

Is the Twilight Hack affected by the latest update?


Homebrew channel

Where can i get it?

You can't yet, it is not ready and it's not released, if it's ever going to be released it will be on the MainPage.

Does it do "X"?

it is not finished so features in a released version are unknown.

Can I request that it does "X"?

Sure, but the devs may not like your idea. Requests can be made on the WiiBrew Channel Ideas page. Besides, they might alredy have decided if and when to implement "X".