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Hi, Crediar, I was just wondering: why on earth can't I edit the Homebrew Apps page now? If you're going to protect a page surely it'd be better to just protect it from anonymous edits, rather than all edits. Is this likely to change anytime soon? karaken12 02:54, 27 May 2008 (PDT)

I also wish for it to be unprotected, the WiiMiidiia craze appears to be over now Muzer 03:08, 27 May 2008 (PDT)


Hi Crediar, Thanks for the prompt action, much appreciated. :)


Hi Crediar, I tagged a wrong page for deletion. The page is Homebrew apps/Wii Linux/fr it should have been Wii Proof of Concept Linux/fr
Sorry, I'll try to double check every thing next time :(

well shame on you! fixed. Crediar

Want to help

I've read the rules, wikipedia etiquette (wikitiquette), what wikipedia is not, vandalism, and the wikipedia editing tutorial twice. I also understand that you should treat people the way you want to be treated. I am reasonable and do not mistreat people because they are newcomers or because of their culture, but would give them advice and praise for contribution. I would like to be a sysop or bureaucrat or even both to help out our fellow loyal wiibrew members and newcomers. I would help block and prevent vandals and help out with reasonable page protection and also encurage progress with Wiibrew. Thank You -- Gamewizard71 01:59, 11 February 2009 (UTC)

Block Imacros

There's a user (possibly a bot) vandalising random bits of the article by filling them with useless stuff. Can you block Imacros? I've already had to revert several destructive edits made by said user.

Preloader for SysMenu 4.0

I was wondering what your plans were for preloader for menu v4. I installed the wrong version after using Waninkoko's updater (I know he's not well liked), everything seems good except when I installed preloader, my system menu ceased to work, as did my HBC. I can still launch certain apps from the preloader's loading feature, but some just crash.I'd really appreciate a v4 update in the coming weeks (or days). I know you must be very busy.

I have an idea of the installation: It should find the system menu main.dol it renamed, if it was moved by a previous version, and it should rename it correctly, I think the main problem I had was it may have renamed the system menu dol wrongly or some such problem. That's pretty much it. Good work!

-Twil*, 2:01PM, March 28, 2009