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{{Userbox sdcard|512mb}}
{{Userbox sdcard|512mb}}
{{Userbox sdcard|1gb}}
{{Userbox sdcard|1gb}}
{{Userbox sdcard|few 2gb}}
{{Userbox sdcard|</b>few <b>2gb}}
{{userboxbreak|toptext=DS stuff. Lets see some wii homebrew use this.}}
{{userboxbreak|toptext=DS stuff. Lets see some wii homebrew use this.}}
{{Userbox DS Lite|1}}
{{Userbox DS Lite|1}}

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DS stuff. Lets see some wii homebrew use this.
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My name is Yossi, I made this stuff in my spare time (that I currently don't have any more of).


This does sometimes crash on me, and I cant replicate it. If you wanna fix it go ahead. Source is up, but embarrassingly bad.

ELF to DOL Converter

HBC beta9 doesn't like most existing .elf files, so I made this batch file to take care of converting those to .dol files.

iiii is my fault too.


Enables pseudo categories in HBC.

Some very good apps

These are apps I find very useful or games I particularly enjoyed playing.
Aspirin Broken due to libfat mess.
Mad Bomber
Supersonic Wii
Jump 'n Bump
Piero's Wiicross
Kobo Deluxe
Wolfenstein 3D Wii
Visual Boy Advance GX
Gecko OS
Wiimote LED Flasher