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{{Userbox lang|he}}
{{Userbox lang|he}}
{{Userbox code|C++}}
{{Userbox code|C++}}
{{Userbox code|Py}}
{{Userbox code|py}}
{{userboxbreak|toptext=Development Systems}}
{{userboxbreak|toptext=Development Systems}}
{{Userbox dev|Lin}}
{{Userbox dev|Lin}}

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My name is Yossi, I made this stuff in my spare time (that I currently don't have any more of).


This does sometimes crash on me, and I cant replicate it. If you wanna fix it, figure out how to contact me. Source is up, but embarrassingly bad.

ELF to DOL Converter

HBC beta9 doesn't like most existing .elf files, so I made this batch file to take care of converting those to .dol files.

iiii is my fault too.