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Welcome to WiiBrew,
a wiki dedicated to homebrew on the Nintendo Wii.
We have 1,373 articles.



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Install the Homebrew Channel on your Wii console by following the homebrew setup tutorial. Browse the homebrew directory, or use the Homebrew Browser, which allows you to install directly from your Wii over Wi-Fi. Start developing homebrew for Wii by downloading devkitPPC and reading the homebrew development guide.

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Featured media Featured homebrew
YouTube - Showcase: WiiBrew (May 2009)
YouTube - Showcase: WiiBrew (May 2009)

Featured media youtube.png Homebrew Showcase (May 2009) by Extrems

This video showcases the following homebrew: Christmas-Type Adventure Time, CosmoRaketti, Helium Boy, Kobo Deluxe, MPlayer CE, OpenTyrianWii, Quake Wii, ScummVM, Snes9x GX, Super Mario War Wii, Visual Boy Advance GX, Wii64, and WiiEarth.

Featured homebrew browser.png
  • The Homebrew Browser allows you to download the latest homebrew applications and games all through your Wii. You don't need to take your SD card out. You don't even need a computer! You can also delete homebrew you no longer want. [ More... ]


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