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Template:Infobox homebrewapp Supersonic is a rhythm-based musical video game where the player must hit targets along a path as accurately as possible. It is based on the game Amplitude by Harmonix, and inspired by AmplituDS.


It compiles on Linux as a demo running with OpenGL. It also compiles and runs on the Wii - FAT works - but minimal GX and no Sound. I am currently working on the OpenGL -> GX transition right now.

It has finally been built and the GX parts run on the Wii: File:SupersonicGX.jpg

(My webcam is horrible; it looks like exactly like this but brighter - that's the OpenGL build running on a PC)


I plan on writing up a hosting site for songs, but that'll come later. A specific stage format and tutorial for creating stages will also come later; for the moment it's just compatible with AmplituDS v4 stages.

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