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Author(s)madmanguruman, ledow
TypePuzzle game
[[via google sites] Download]
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This is a preview release of my port of ledow's GP2X SDL port of Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle collection.

ledow was not involved in this endeavor, so please direct any questions to me. I simply ported his already-ported port.

There are bugs aplenty, and the documentation sucks, but the puzzles are mostly playable. Main issues are mouse droppings here and there.

The music files are huge: get them from here: [ledow's site]

I'm setting up Google Code hosting for this project and will get the source hosted there soon; until then you may download the zip file from here.

If anyone knows why 7-zip upload fails every single time I try it here, please let me know! I'd love to host the files with 7-zip - the executable is too big for regular zip (2 MB limit)...