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Many developers within the WiiBrew community have a blog with details on the projects they are currently working on. This page lists general homebrew related sites including developer blogs, forums, news sites and other wikis. For links to the homepages of specific homebrew applications, see Homebrew applications.


Developer Blogs

Many developers within the WiiBrew community have a blog with details on the projects they are currently working on.

Some of the most influential people behind Wii homebrew and creators of the Homebrew Channel. This blog features technical discussions related to reverse-engineering the Wii.
Author of several homebrew tools for the Wii including a TCP loader and is currently working on bringing USB mass storage functionality to the Wii.
Used to maintain, along with Askot, the homebrew projects Snes9x and FCE Ultra for the Wii.
Blog of one of the original Team Twiizers members. Although not currently Wii-focused, the blog covers many topics of console security and hacking.
Maintains several projects, mostly low-level or emulation related.
Blog for Muzer and his developments in miight. - Muzer
Blog based around Wii Homebrew and other technology news as well as Reviews of Games and Homebrew.
Blog of the game programmer and forum administrator Arikado.
This blog contains many interresing topics about development Wii homebrew games.
Wii homebrew development information about BootMii Configuration Editor, Tetwiis, and any future homebrew developments by Pembo
A personal dev blog focused on homebrew games which are predominantly for Wii.
Programming, Game Development and Wii Homebrew Blog

Forums and News Sites

There is an official WiiBrew Forum. However, there are also a number of other forum type sites which may be of interest:

English Sites

French Sites

German Sites

Usually news which appears on any of these sites gets picked up soon by the others.

Information Sites

Sites that Provide Useful information related to Wii or Homebrew.

English Sites

  • GameTDB: Site Lists All known Games along with their IDs, Cover Art, and Some Info/Technical Info

Other Sites

  • Free60: Xbox 360 homebrew wiki
  • XeNTaX: Central Database for 1000s of video game file formats
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