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{{main page box|Featured|Main Page/Featured}}
<div style="margin: -.3em -1em -1em -1em;">
{| width="100%" bgcolor="#fff" border="0" cellpadding="2px" cellspacing="2px" style="margin:auto;"
|- align="center" bgcolor="#e7eef6"
! width="50%" | '''Featured media'''
! width="50%" | '''Featured homebrew'''
|- valign="top" align="left" style="background: #F5FAFF;"
| {{WiiBrew:Featured media/Random}}
| {{WiiBrew:Featured homebrew/Random}}
|- class="plainlinks" style="background: #e7eef6; text-align: center;"
| [[File:view_more.png|link=WiiBrew:Index of media]] [[WiiBrew:Index of media|Index of media]]
| [[File:Nominate.png|link=WiiBrew:Featured homebrew/Nominations]] [[WiiBrew:Featured homebrew/Nominations|Nominate]]{{·}}[[File:view_more.png|link=WiiBrew:Featured homebrew]] [[WiiBrew:Featured homebrew|More entries]]

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