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[http://wiichat.googlecode.com/files/libosk-0.4.4.zip libosk-0.4.4]
[http://wiichat.googlecode.com/files/libosk-0.4.4.zip libosk-0.4.4]
[http://wiichat.googlecode.com/files/libosk-src.zip source] (Incase you want to change it/fix things)
[[category:Homebrew using libwiisprite]]
[[category:Homebrew using libwiisprite]]

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libosk (OnScreenKeyboard Library) is an easy to use, 100% configurable on screen keyboard for Wii applications written by beardface. Language, look and feel, etc can all be easily changed simply by modifying a config file.

A demo application showing how to use libosk is included in the release.

Development Guide

Development libraries used

  • libmxml (included in release)
  • libwiisprite
  • libfat

Coding with libosk

Steps to using an OnScreenKeyboard in your application:

In Header

#include "OnScreenKeyboard.h"
#include "wiisprite.h"

Init fat, libwiisprite (GameWindow) and Wiimote

//... in main

wsp::GameWindow gwd;


Construct OnScreenKeyboard

OnScreenKeyboard* osk = new OnScreenKeyboard(&gwd, "/config/key_config.xml");

Make as many calls to the library as you'd like, getting a new string, or editting strings

char* ret_string = osk->GetString();
//Or edit your string
ret_string = osk->EditString(ret_string);

Building your app that uses libosk

Change your makefile to include the following libraries

-losk -lmxml -lwiisprite

Custom Keyboard Configuration

Images: To change look and feel, simply change the images your keyboard config file (xml) references.

Font: Simply change the font file your app references, (Must be a bitmap font (see included font for example)), converted to png. (TIP, use alpha channel)

Language: To change language, simply modify the keys used in the config file.


libosk-0.4.4 source (Incase you want to change it/fix things)