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Hex is a 2 player board game.

How to Use

Depending on how old your kids are, the program can be run in one of the following three modes (chosen from the main menu):

Easy mode:

  • Buttons not needed
  • Just swing the Wiimote to paint on the screen
  • Color changes automatically every 5 seconds

Normal mode:

  • Press A or B to paint

Full mode:

  • Supports - or + to undo/redo

Common features for all modes:

  • Up or Down changes brush size
  • Left or Right changes color
  • Controller 1 only: Press and hold Home to exit to main menu
  • Controller 1 only: Press and hold '1' to save image (saved as BMP format in /APPS/kidspaint)
  • Controller 1 only: Press and hold '2' to clear screen


Version 1.2

  • Added 'Full mode' with undo/redo functionality (this is the mode where new features most likely will be added)
  • Canvas size no longer hardcoded
  • Some code cleanup

Version 1.1

  • Up to four persons can now paint simultaneously
  • B button now paints as well
  • Added two shades of brown to palette

Version 1.0

  • Initial release


Uses GRRLIB, DevkitPro, Libfat, and associated libraries.

Thanks to the users of the GRRLib forum for their help during development of this program, and to CodeMii for tutorials.