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Hollywood GPIOs
Hollywood Registers
Access size32 bits
Byte orderBig Endian
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address function contents/example
0x0D8000C0 GPIO probably data: 0x200 for eject; 0x100 sensor bar enable; 0x20 for tray led
0x0D8000C4 GPIO probably direction
0x0D8000DC ???
0x0D8000E0 GPIO 0x08 -- set to enable DC/DC converter,
0x0D8000E1 GPIO
0x0D8000E2 GPIO debug / "POST" port -- connected to 8 testpads. boot0 / 1 / 2 output simple codes to indicate boot status.
0x0D8000E3 GPIO
0x0D8000E4 GPIO probably direction
0x0D8000EC ???
0x0D8000F0 ? typical value is 0x0070FFF6; pressing the POWER button will set the 0x1 bit
0x0D8000F4 ???
0x0D8000FC ???
0x0D800100 ???
0x0D80010C ???
0x0D800110 ???
0x0D800114 ???
0x0D800118 ???
0x0D80011C ???
0x0D800120 ???
0x0D800130 ???
0x0D800134 ???
0x0D800138 ???
0x0D800180 ??? set 0x40 for legacy DI; 0x100000 set after loadEXI (boot code)
0x0D800188 ???
0x0D80018C ???
0x0D800190 ??? involved in DSKPLL init
0x0D800194 ??? 0x400 is DI reset (low active) / involved in DSKPLL init
0x0D800198 ??? set to 0x00FFFFFF as part of "interface / subsytem powerup"
0x0D8001B0 ??? ACRPLLSYS
0x0D8001B8 ??? involved in DSKPLL init
0x0D8001BC ???
0x0D8001C0 ???
0x0D8001DC ??? set to 0x00FFFFFF as part of "interface / subsytem powerup"