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A GameCube Memory Card manager.

GameCube/Wii Memory Manager is an application to backup Nintendo GameCube savegames.

Gcmm is a project started by dsbomb and justb, which is based on Askot's modification to add SD support to the mcbackup libogc example.

I (suloku) have updated the code to newest libraries to port it to the Wii system, and what I find more important: restoring savegames now works properly.


  • Backups and restores savegames into GCI format
  • Deletes savegames from slot B memory card
  • Wiimote and GameCube controller support
  • Power button support
  • Front SD (wii) and SDGecko (gc) support
  • A nice UI
  • Open Source!


[What's New 1.0 - December 31, 2008]

  • Updated to libfat
  • Added Wii support
  • Fixed restore bug (yes, savegames will restore properly)
  • New background
  • Support for interlaced and widescreen in all regions
  • Delete mode (dsbomb&justb)
  • Shows the savegame information (mostly by dsbomb&justb)
  • Many other fixes/modifications for the user


  • Add icon and banner display for the savegames
  • Add raw image read and write support
  • Add hotswapping



Currently only third party memory cards work due to some changes in wii mode still not handled by libogc.

Protected Savegames

Protected savegames are encripted with the "unique" ramdom serial number that is given to a memory card each time it is formatted. Due to this fact the savegame will only work on the original memory card it was backuped from if that card hasn't been formated.

To be confirmed if some protected savegames also rely on the block number the savefile starts (or how many blocks where occupied before the savegame was created).

Restoring a raw image to a diferent card has still to be tested to see if that will permit using a protected gamesave on another memory card.

  • Known protected savegames: Medal of Honor: Frontline, F-Zero GX, Pokemon Coloseum, Fire Emblem.

When restoring a savegame with GCMM, its permissions will be set to xxP (move, copy, public), meaning the file can be moved or copied by the WII/GC native memory card utility. Being able to move or copy the file doesn't mean it will work for the reasons explained above.

Other savegame formats

There are computer programs that can transform other savegame formats (GCS and SAV) into GCI

GCP format is a raw image of the memory card. At the moment creating a raw image is possible thanks to Masken, but there are still problems when restoring.


Unzip the archive. You will find the following folders inside:

apps Contains Homebrew Channel ready files (see Homebrew Channel instructions below)

gamecube Contains GameCube DOL file (not required for Wii)


On the Wii, the savegames will be read from and written to the front SD slot. Memory card should be in slot B.


On the GameCube you will need a Gecko SD adapter in the slot A and place the memory card on slot B.

Loading / Running the app

Wii - Via Homebrew Channel

The most popular method of running homebrew on the Wii is through the Homebrew Channel. If you already have the channel installed, just copy over the apps folder included in the archive into the root of your SD card.

If you haven't installed the Homebrew Channel yet, read about how to here: http://hbc.hackmii.com/


You can load gcmm via sdload and an SD card in slot A, or by streaming it to your Gamecube, or by booting a bootable DVD with gcmm on it. This document doesn't cover how to do any of that. A good source for information on these topics is the tehskeen forums: http://www.tehskeen.com/forums/


They are shown at the screen.


Currently gcmm uses:


  • SoftDev for his contributions to the GC/WII scene
  • Costis for helping with some doubts, he's allways there
  • Masken for his code on raw data reading/writing
  • Justb & dsbomb for originally creating gcmm
  • CowTRobo & Samsom for very useful old sources
  • Tantric for pointing out that official memory cards won't work on wii mode, which encouraged me to continue gcmm as all my previous efforts where in vane due to using an official card for the testing.