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FlipEm is a game where you try to get all the squares on the board to have an X in them. When a square is flipped, it gets an X if it was empty, or clears out the X if there was already one there. When you click a square, it and the four around it in a + shape get flipped. Squares off the edge of the board are ignored.


Button Action
Wii Remote Aim Move Pointer
Wiimote A Button Click/Choose Square
Wiimote B Button Clear Board/Start Over
Wiimote + Button Board Size ++
Wiimote - Button Board Size --
Wiimote HOME Button Exit to Loader


Random crash when you least expect it. I am unable to recreate it, but I have seen it happen several times. If you can look at the code and tell me what's wrong I'll give you credit. I think it has to do with the pointer but I don't know enough to be sure or know how to fix it.

Here's a thought on your crash: You are using the ir data without checking ir0.valid. I can't remember if I've seen this myself or not, but it seems possible that the ir data is outside the range you are expecting if the data isn't valid. See How_to_use_the_Wiimote for an example. Alternatively (or maybe Also) you can check that the values you are passing to Flip/Draw/etc are within the range you expect. I hope this helps. --PaceMaker 18:56, 20 October 2008 (UTC)