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Reload .elf: "((void(*)())(0x80001800))();"
Reload .elf: "((void(*)())(0x80001800))();"
[http://wiki.devkitpro.org/index.php/Getting_Started devkitPro's 'Getting Started' Wiki]

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This tutorial aims to:

  • Show you how to setup the devkitppc development enviroment on a Windows computer
  • Run a hello world example on the include Gcube emulator
  • Set you on the road to creating your own homebrew software to be loaded with the Twilight Hack

Installing devkitpro

  • Goto [[1]] and download the latest Windows installer.
  • Let it install to the C:\devkitPro\ to make it easier to follow the tutorial for now.
  • When installing it, you can deselect devkitarm and devkitpsp
  • Click next until it finishes installing

Setup your project folder

  • Browse to C:\devkitPro\msys\ and run msys.bat. This will open a command prompt type window. This is where a bit of your time will be taking place. Close it for now.
  • Now, browse to C:\devkitPro\msys\home\. Depending on your windows username, there should be a folder in here. From now on, I will refer to this folder as your home directory.
  • Copy the folder C:\devkitPro\examples\wii\template\ to (your home directory) and rename it to "helloworld" so that the full path is C:\devkitPro\msys\home\(your username)\helloworld\

Compile the Hello World Example

  • Run msys.bat again.
  • type "ls" and press enter to see the directories in your home directory
  • type "cd helloworld" and press enter to switch into the helloworld directory
  • type "make" and press enter to complile the example

Run the Hello World Example

  • Now, browse to the helloworld folder. There should be a helloworld.dol file here now.
  • Open this file, and when windows asks what program to use, tell it to use C:\devkitpro\emulator\gcube\gcube.exe

The resulting dol should be compatible with the Twilight Hack

Some Code snippets

Here are some code snippets, that can be very usefully (all without quotes!):

Reload .elf: "((void(*)())(0x80001800))();"


devkitPro's 'Getting Started' Wiki