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[[User:Arikado|Arikado]] - Everything else
[[User:Arikado|Arikado]] - Everything else
== Mirror of v1 ==
== Mirror ==
Provided by [[User:PhoenixTank|PhoenixTank]]
Provided by [[User:PhoenixTank|PhoenixTank]]
[http://wiibrew.live4fun.net/dop-ios/Dop-IOSMODv1.zip Download]
{| class="wikitable"
! Version !! Download !! Source
[http://wiibrew.live4fun.net/dop-ios/Dop-IOSMODv1src.zip Source]
|1.0 || [http://wiibrew.live4fun.net/dop-ios/Dop-IOSMODv1.rar Download] || [http://wiibrew.live4fun.net/dop-ios/Dop-IOSMODv1-src.rar Source]  
|2.0 || [http://wiibrew.live4fun.net/dop-ios/Dop-IOSMODv2.rar Download] || [http://wiibrew.live4fun.net/dop-ios/Dop-IOSMODv2-src.rar Source]  
|3.0 || [http://wiibrew.live4fun.net/dop-ios/Dop-IOSMODv3.rar Download] || [http://wiibrew.live4fun.net/dop-ios/Dop-IOSMODv3-src.rar Source]
|4.0 || [http://wiibrew.live4fun.net/dop-ios/Dop-IOSMODv4.rar Download] || [http://wiibrew.live4fun.net/dop-ios/Dop-IOSMODv4-src.rar Source]
|5.0 || [http://wiibrew.live4fun.net/dop-ios/Dop-IOSMODv5.rar Download] || [http://wiibrew.live4fun.net/dop-ios/Dop-IOSMODv5-src.rar Source]
|6.0 || [http://wiibrew.live4fun.net/dop-ios/Dop-IOSMODv6.rar Download] || [http://wiibrew.live4fun.net/dop-ios/Dop-IOSMODv6-src.rar Source]
{{note|IOS_249_Note|1}}The IOS249 as installed by [[CIOS Patchmii Installer]] is a safer and legal alternative.
{{note|IOS_249_Note|1}}The IOS249 as installed by [[CIOS Patchmii Installer]] is a safer and legal alternative.

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Author(s)Arikado, SifJar, PhoenixTank
[Soon Source]
Wiimote1.svg ClassicController.svg GameCube Controller Loads files from the Front SD slot Loads files from SDHC cards in the Front SD slot
This homebrew application makes permanent changes to the Wii's NAND, thus, this application should be used with caution.

It is recommended to have a NAND backup with either BootMii as boot2 or Priiloader with BootMii as IOS installed before proceeding with the usage of this application.

Dop-IOS MOD is a modification of the application Dop-IOS that allows you to choose which IOS you would like to use to install other IOSes (with the trucha bug if you like).


While the original Dop-IOS let you install other IOSes, it used IOS2491 to do it. As IOS249 is primarily a piracy IOS (which is in some cases is itself illegal) many people felt a certain resentment toward it's exclusivity on which the authors have no comment.

A better solution for all users would've been to allow users to select which IOS they use to install other IOSs. This is what Dop-IOS MOD does.

Since fulfilling its original purpose, Dop-IOS MOD has brought many new and improved features to it's Dop-IOS base (or "core" if you will) including GameCube controller support, the ability to install channels, and the ability to install the system menu.


Select which IOS you would like to use to install other IOSes. Afterwards, you will launch into a modified version of the original Dop-IOS menu that will let you install new IOSes (again, with or without the signing bug - the choice is yours) via your previously selected IOS.

Freezing Correction

If the program appears to indefinitely freeze or hang on you, try loading an IOS other than IOS 249 in the beginning. Some versions of it appear to cause problems with the program that I've yet to resolve.

System Menu Awareness

It actually takes quite a bit of time to download and install the system menu. Be patient. If you turn off the Wii while you are in the installation phase of the system menu install/update process, you will brick your Wii. Turning off your Wii during the download phase is fine though.


This application has the ability to brick your Wii if misused. If this occurs, YOU are responsible because you used the application. The authors take no responsibility for any harm done to your Wii by this application.

About the v7.0 source

The source is laughably ugly right now. I'm cleaning it up and will release it as soon as I am done.



  • New GUI
  • IOS code cleaned up some more
  • Now installs/updates channels
  • Now installs/updates the system menu
  • A handful of fixed bugs


  • The downloadable IOS List is actually up to date now. (Thanks Helsionium)


  • Mirror of the update made to Dop-IOS v8; All IOS installations updated to reflect the current state of the Wii


  • Fixed bugs preventing the gamecube controller from working in a couple of places
  • Many changes (improvements) to the Dop-IOS base


  • Classic Controller support
  • Gamecube Controller support (which will help out some semi-bricked users)


  • List of selectable IOSes is now grabbed from the Wii's NAND meaning you can no longer select IOSes that may not exist
  • More sanity checks meaning you can no longer select IOSes that don't contain the trucha bug


  • Initial Release


SifJar - Idea

PhoenixTank - Crucial bug fix

Arikado - Everything else


Provided by PhoenixTank

Version Download Source
1.0 Download Source
2.0 Download Source
3.0 Download Source
4.0 Download Source
5.0 Download Source
6.0 Download Source


^1 The IOS249 as installed by CIOS Patchmii Installer is a safer and legal alternative.